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Robert Williams Announces Candidacy for Zachary Chief of Police

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Robert Williams
Robert Williams

I am Robert Williams and announcing my candidacy for Chief of Police for the City of Zachary. The Chief of Police is one of the most authoritative offices in the city.

Its leadership is vital with crucial decision-making, ensures the safety of families, fosters relationships, and maintains law and order, which is imperative to the continuous growth of Zachary.

I am a Zachary native, husband, father, and graduate of Northeast High School and the Capitol Area Regional Training Academy.

Zachary is a unique city with unique needs, requiring a committed person to be at the forefront. My training and eighteen-plus years of training in law enforcement have prepared me to provide the leadership needed to serve.

Throughout my career, I have mentored young men and women, secured school campuses, organized neighborhood watch, and policed in communities which afforded me the opportunity to change the quality of life for the residents.

AS Chief of Police, the pledge to protect and serve, transparency, accountability, and bridge the gap between the community and police will govern my leadership. My willingness to work with the other elected officials in the city is my promise to the residents with the TEAM approach. I am committed to being a “hands-on and involved chief who is always available to the Zachary community.

I am confident that if elected and given the opportunity to serve, confidence in law enforcement will be retained, and Zachary will continue to be one of the safest cities to live.

“We are better together.”

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