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Barbara West Carpenter: Eight Years of Impactful Leadership in District 63

Barbara West Carpenter
Barbara West Carpenter

Barbara West Carpenter, elected in 2016, has been at the forefront of District 63's growth and development. Her journey in public service began with a focus on constituents' welfare, but as the district faced challenges like hurricanes and the pandemic, priorities had to be reevaluated.

Carpenter's core objectives have always revolved around education, economic development, and criminal justice reform. Over her eight-year tenure in the House of Representatives, she has achieved remarkable milestones.

As an educator, Barbara West Carpenter initiated programs that significantly benefited local children and families. She's known for annually awarding scholarships to top graduating seniors, ensuring their access to college education. Moreover, she sponsors Back to School Supply Drives and Community Food Drives, contributing to the well-being of the community. Her support extends to the Baton Rouge Zoo, where she secured funding for upgrades and accreditation, making it a cherished institution for the district's youth, with the highlight being the annual sponsored Zoo Day.

Barbara West Carpenter's contributions to economic development are equally noteworthy. She spearheaded funding efforts to enhance the Baton Rouge Airport Economic Business Development Park, including a crucial runway expansion. In the last legislative session, her focus was on championing legislation that opened doors for socially and economically disadvantaged businesses in the parish, facilitating grant funding for women and minorities seeking business opportunities.

In the realm of criminal justice reform, Carpenter's influence is felt through the establishment of a Sexual Oversight Commission and the introduction of legislation protecting the rights of defendants in the judicial system. Her commitment to public safety is further evidenced by her role in the completion of the Comite Diversion Canal, where she served on the Comite Diversion Canal Commission. Witnessing the destruction caused by flooding in her district, she remains dedicated to preventing such devastation from recurring.

Barbara West Carpenter's legislative journey has seen her actively participate in significant committees, including the powerful Appropriations Committee, Joint Legislative Budget Committee, and she has served as the Past Chair of the Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus and Chair of the Committee on Labor and Industrial Relations. As she stands for re-election to her third term in office, her record speaks volumes about her dedication and effectiveness as a public servant. Barbara West Carpenter humbly solicits your vote, confident that her qualifications and commitment will continue to benefit District 63.

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