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Candidate Donna Collins-Lewis for East Baton Rouge Clerk of Court 2023

Donna Collins-Lewis
Donna Collins-Lewis

Donna Collins-Lewis has a deep-rooted connection to her hometown, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where she has dedicated herself to serving the community. As a hands-on activist, Donna has harnessed her skills, influence, and unwavering passion to contribute to various causes, from affordable housing and infrastructure enhancement to blight eradication and justice reform. Her efforts have substantially and positively impacted the growth and overall quality of life for East Baton Rouge constituents.

Transparency is at the core of Donna's values in her personal life and professional endeavors. Her campaign for Clerk of Court is founded on the principle of "leadership you can trust." During her 12-year term as a Councilwoman for East Baton Rouge Parish, she tirelessly championed the cause of a transparent and citizen-friendly city government. Her colleagues often called her "a voice of reason" due to her willingness to work across party lines for the greater good.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Donna played a crucial role in helping homeless individuals and families find secure housing. Her extensive community involvement includes roles as the Board Chair of CATS, Board Chair of the EBR Council on Aging, Board Member of Visit Baton Rouge, and a Member of the Baton Rouge Planning Commission. She serves as a BREC Commissioner and Member of The Bridge Center for Hope. Despite her busy schedule, she remains dedicated to her role as Assistant Facilitator of Life Groups at Belfair Church, where she is an active member.

Donna's list of accomplishments includes the establishment of the Love Heals Free Clinic, where over 4,000 individuals, many without insurance, have received free dental, vision, and medical care over the past three years. She has also managed over 3,000 rental assistance cases, resulting in approximately $14 million in assistance for the citizens of East Baton Rouge Parish through the U.S. Department of Treasury's National Emergency Rental Assistance Program. If you've received rental service and interacted with a "Donna," you were fortunate to have been assisted by the candidate now running for EBR's Clerk of Court.

Beyond her official duties, Donna dedicates her time to various community service projects across the city. Her commitment to serving others is deeply rooted in her upbringing, as she draws inspiration from her single-parent mother, who worked tirelessly to provide for her family on a modest income, even walking to work at night to make ends meet.

Donna is happily married to Clifford S. Lewis, her biggest cheerleader, encourager, and supporter. She is the loving mother of three, grandmother of ten, and great-grandmother of three. Donna Collins-Lewis is not just a community advocate but also a devoted wife, mother, neighbor, and a dedicated candidate who aspires to be your next East Baton Rouge Clerk of Court!

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