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Louisiana Gubernatorial Primary Registration Deadline Approaches

Weekly Press Staff

BATON ROUGE, La. — With an impending gubernatorial primary election on the horizon, Louisiana residents are reminded that they have until September 23 to register to vote, ensuring their participation in the crucial political event. The primary will decide open races for governor, attorney general, state treasurer, and secretary of state, making the registration deadline of utmost importance for eligible voters.

For those without a Louisiana driver's license or special identification card, an earlier deadline of September 13 applies. However, those who opt for online registration, contingent on having a state driver's license or special ID card, can take advantage of the extended registration period until September 23.

It's important to note that individuals can register to vote as early as 16, but they must be at least 18 on Election Day to cast their ballots. Additionally, all voters must be U.S. citizens and residents of the parish where they intend to vote.

Here are the three primary methods to register to vote:

Online Registration (Deadline: September 23)

Prospective voters can conveniently register or update their voter registration information through the GeauxVote system. However, this method requires a Louisiana driver's license or a unique identification card. Notably, a Louisiana "mobility impaired" card is not considered valid identification. Please be aware that the GeauxVote website is typically unavailable between 1 a.m. and 4 a.m. daily, as confirmed by the Secretary of State's office.

In-Person Registration (Deadline: September 13)

In-person registration is an option for individuals without a special identification card or Louisiana driver's license. Eligible voters can register at various locations, including Registrar of Voters offices, Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services, WIC offices, food stamp offices, Medicaid offices, armed forces recruitment offices, and offices serving individuals with disabilities. Most offices do not require proof of identification beyond the documents necessary for accessing their respective services. However, at Registrar of Voters offices, individuals must provide proof of identification, including a Louisiana driver's license, unique identification card, birth certificate, Social Security card, utility bill, payroll check, or another document verifying their name and address.

Mail-in Registration (Deadline: September 13)

For those who prefer the mail-in option, Louisiana voter registration applications can be submitted to the local registrar of voters office. These applications must be postmarked by September 13 to ensure eligibility for the October primary. When using the mail-in option, individuals must also include their Louisiana driver's license number, unique identification card number, or the last four digits of their Social Security number. In cases where applicants do not possess a Social Security number, driver's license, or special identification card and have never registered to vote in Louisiana before, they must include a copy of a current photo ID, utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or another government document with their application.

Interested parties are encouraged to visit the Secretary of State's website for additional information and resources. Louisiana residents are urged to use these registration methods to ensure their voices are heard in the upcoming gubernatorial primary election.

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