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Darryl “Schuster” Lawrence, #130 well prepared for the Zachary Chief of Police role

Darryl “Schuster” Lawrence
Darryl “Schuster” Lawrence

I am Darryl Lawrence, but many of you also know me as “Schuster” I am well prepared for the Zachary Chief of Police role. Serving the past eleven (11) years as the Assistant Chief of Police, I will be ready for the new role on my first day in office. I promise to continue to serve with Accountability, Integrity, and Professionalism.

My promise to the City of Zachary is simple: “I promise to serve each day doing THE BEST job that I can do. I promise to have your families, our Churches and Places of Worship, our schools, businesses, and our community at the forefront of each decision I make as the Zachary Chief of Police.”

While serving as the Assistant Chief of Police, I worked closely and collaboratively with the City of Zachary Administration and the Administration of the Zachary Police Department to make the best decisions for the Zachary Police Department and the entire City of Zachary Community.

These decisions were not made and will never be made haphazardly but with much thought, discussion, and consideration about what is best for the City of Zachary, its citizens, and the community. There have been advancements in technology with the use of body-worn cameras, updated camera and recording systems for the Zachary Police Department building, implemented a system that makes it easier to keep up with policy and procedure, departmental training, internal audit (IA) investigation and decisions, fleet management and equipment inventory.

I have the knowledge and experience of the Zachary Police Department budget, administration and leadership policies, and the Department's current needs. I am prepared to continue technological advancements with the other City Departments and the Zachary Community School System. I will be transparent in the decisions made and ensure your confidence in my ability to make the tough decisions to advance the Zachary Police Department and To Protect and Serve the City of Zachary.

My extensive career with the Zachary Police Department began in April 1989. I served as a Volunteer Reserve Officer while working for the Louisiana Department of Corrections. I was hired as a full-time Officer in October 1989 and graduated from the Louisiana State University Basic Training Academy in December 1989. I have moved through the ranks of the Zachary Police Department from Patrol officer to Sergeant to Lieutenant to Captain. I also served as the Zachary Police Reserve Coordinator from 1995-2007. I served as the Investigators Supervisor of Internal Affairs for Zachary Police Department.

I served as the Assistant Chief of Police from 2011 through my recent retirement on July 21, 2022, to seek election to the office of Zachary Chief of Police. I graduated from Zachary High School in 1980. I attended Southern University. I am a Marine Corp Veteran serving from 1980-1986. I graduated from the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) National Academy and FBI Leadership Trilogy. I am also a graduate of the Criminal Justice Institute at the University of Arkansas.

I strongly believe in officer training, education, and accountability. Early in my career, I noticed the need for training in defensive tactics. I attended Pressure Point Control Tactics (PPCT) training at Baton Rouge City Police Training Academy and became an instructor. I have served as an Instructor at Louisiana State University (LSU) Basic Training Academy. Additionally, I have served as a Defensive tactic and Culture Development Instructor and a National Instructor for Controlled FORCE.

I am a member of numerous prestigious Law Enforcement Organizations: International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), Louisiana Association of Chiefs of Police (LACP), National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE), FBI National Academy Association (FBINAA), and National Association of Drug Diversion (NADDI).

I am a lifelong resident of Zachary. I am married to Jocelyn K. Lawrence and the father of two (2) sons, two (2) stepsons, and one (1) canine son, Rambo. I have seven (7) grandchildren with whom I enjoy spending time cooking and taking on adventures.

I am a proven leader in the City of Zachary, the Zachary Police Department, and the Community. I am respected for my expertise, education, training, and accomplishments within Law Enforcement across the Parish, the State, and the Nation.

“I have done the job, and I can do the job.”

On Tuesday, November 8, 2022, I am asking for your support and vote. Please vote on your ballot for Darryl “Schuster” Lawrence, #130.

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