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Dr. Jefferey P Kee Releases Love Ballad “Sparkle Like 24k Gold”

Dr. Jefferey P Kee
Dr. Jefferey P Kee

By: Nadia Sobehart

Pastor and musician, Dr. Jefferey P Kee, shares pure emotion in his newest single, “Sparkle Like 24k Gold.” His latest single is a celebration of love and happiness. The song reflects on what it truly means to be in love and to appreciate and value your relationship.

Ideal for weddings, the single speaks to people who are serious about love. Motivated by his cousin, Dr. Jefferey P Kee wrote the song originally for his wedding. The couple fell in love with the song as they made a commitment to everlasting love. As more people within his inner circle began to hear the song, Dr. Jefferey P Kee realized it needed to be shared. After all, the world loves to love.

“It transcends a particular title,” says Dr. Jefferey P Kee of “Sparkle Like 24k Gold.” “Everyone can understand the thread of love, no matter who you are, in or out of church. The song captivated emotions and immerses you. It takes you to a place of imagination of something you can love and appreciate.”

A senior pastor of New Faith Baptist Church, Dr. Jefferey P Kee, is moved by people and religion. The self-proclaimed “Pastor for the Master” is more than a man of faith—he’s a talented musician, producer, and bass guitarist from a family lineage of gifted musicians. The Prince of Gospel Music, John P Kee, is his cousin. Kandy Johnson Isley, wife of music legend Ron Isley, is also his cousin.

When Dr. Jefferey P Kee is writing music, he “hears something in his spirit.” “I hear the music first,” he explains. “The sound is a gift inside of me. I hear a certain melodic sound. It’s slemtbjnt that lives inside me is birthed inside me, and must be delivered.” After the song is conceptualized in Dr. Jefferey P Kee’s inner mind, he heads to the studio to record. He continues to add pieces—first, the singers, then the harmonies. “I let it speak to me instead of me speaking to it. I don’t try to impose a particular song—it just resonates within.”

This year, Dr. Jefferey P Kee is looking forward to sharing more music with his listeners. “Sparkle Like 24k Gold” is one single of his newest project. “I wanted to transcend the label of being a gospel preacher. This is music at its best. Whatever genre you really love doesn’t matter— it captivates every audience.”

Make sure to stay connected to Dr. Jefferey P Kee on all platforms for new music, videos, and social posts.

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