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Holy Trinity Community Center to Host Special Good Friday Service

Baker, Louisiana - Members of the community are invited to join a special Good Friday service at the Holy Trinity Community Center on March 29th at noon. The service will center on reflecting on the last words spoken by Jesus Christ on the cross, offering attendees an opportunity for spiritual contemplation and unity.

Entitled "The Last 7 Words of Jesus Christ," the service aims to provide a solemn and reflective atmosphere as attendees come together to commemorate the significance of Good Friday. Participants will have the chance to engage with the profound messages conveyed by Jesus during his crucifixion, fostering a deeper understanding of Christian faith and teachings.

The service will feature esteemed guest speakers who will share their insights and perspectives on the last words of Jesus. Among the speakers are Bishop Harris Hayes, Apostle Charles Clay, Bishop George Veal, Bishop Ivory J. Payne Sr., Pastor Wilfred Fontenot, Pastor Charles Johnson, and Dr. Nichelle Landry. Each speaker brings a wealth of knowledge and spiritual guidance, enriching the experience for all in attendance.

Located at 1700 McHugh Blvd in Baker, Louisiana, the Holy Trinity Community Center provides a welcoming and inclusive space for individuals of all backgrounds to come together in worship and fellowship. The center's mission of promoting community engagement and spiritual growth aligns perfectly with the aims of the Good Friday service.

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