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Shawn Arceneaux: A Beacon of Transformative Leadership in Louisiana

Shawn Arceneaux's legacy spans over a quarter-century of dedicated service within Louisiana's public sector. Holding the esteemed position of Louisiana’s Secretary of Transportation and Development from 2016 to March 2023, he made an indelible mark on the state's infrastructure and communities.

In his role as Secretary, Shawn demonstrated a vision that breathed fresh life into an agency tasked with enhancing Louisiana's critical transportation network. He championed a culture of collaboration and efficiency, resulting in groundbreaking initiatives that revitalized long-standing infrastructure projects. Embracing a modern, multimodal perspective, he effectively navigated the complexities of today's rapidly evolving world.

Shawn's fundamental belief in the power of balanced policies guided his approach. He advocated for sustainable solutions, steering clear of extremes, to ensure a steady, progressive path for Louisiana's development.

At the core of his journey lies his unwavering commitment to family. Based in Lafayette, Shawn draws immense strength from his 27-year partnership with his wife, Rocki. Their shared love extends to their two children, Joshua and Shawn Denise Arceneaux, and finds further joy in the presence of their beloved grandchildren, Lailah Rose and Mike III.

In addition to his significant role as Secretary, Shawn boasts a rich tapestry of experience across various governance realms. Notably, he served as President of both the American Associations of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Alumni Association. Shawn is also recognized for his dedicated community engagement, actively participating in organizations like Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Acadiana and Boy Scouts of America.

Academically accomplished, Shawn holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, conferred in 1993. He furthered his education with a Master’s of Public Administration and a Ph.D. in Public Administration from Southern University.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Shawn is a man of faith, finding purpose in serving his church community as a tither, church trustee, ministry leader, and treasurer. Faith and service are integral aspects of both his personal and professional ethos.

Shawn Arceneaux's narrative is one of dedication, service, and an unyielding drive to better the lives of Louisianans. His story continues, marked by visionary leadership and a heart dedicated to creating positive change.

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