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Landry Launches Powerful Testimonies of Families of Crime Victims

Heartfelt Testimonials Highlight Urgent Need for Criminal Justice Reform

Jeff Landry
Jeff Landry

LAFAYETTE, La. — Jeff Landry released two powerful testimonials from Michele Anglin and Cortez Collins. Michele is the mother of Landry Anglin, 13, who was killed by a stray bullet in Shreveport’s South Highlands neighborhood in May of 2022. Cortez’s son, Corterion “Tootie” Collins, 17, was murdered in Vivian in a gun fight involving a repeat juvenile offender, also in 2022. These testimonials will air statewide on TV, radio, and digital.

“It doesn’t matter where you live, what color you are, where you grew up, or what you do—crime is destroying the lives of people across our State every single day. No one is safe,” said Jeff Landry. “Cortez Collins and Michele Anglin, who both suffered unspeakable tragedies, deserve a voice and their story deserves to be told. As Governor, we will finally say enough is enough. We will hold violent criminals accountable and ensure victims get the justice they deserve.”

Cortez Collins

“Tootie” Collins was a senior and athlete at North Caddo High School. He was murdered at the age of 17 by a repeat juvenile offender in broad daylight. Watch Cortez Collins, father of Tootie Collins, testimony here.

“This is my son, he was a senior in high school. Tootie had a bright future, with his whole life ahead of him. But his life was taken by someone who should have never been on the streets. Just a senseless crime. As a police officer, I’ve seen so many families torn apart taken by crime. After booking and processing, we see the same ones right back out. It’s a revolving door. Makes me very upset. There’s no justice, when murderers are allowed to walk free. Im speaking out because I want to see a change, a real change. I don’t want this to happen to anyone else. Jeff Landry was a police officer and a sheriff’s deputy and he knows what’s wrong with our criminal justice system. Jeff didn’t care about black, white…Jeff Landry cared about me, because I was a human being. He cares about people. Jeff Landry will hold everyone accountable. He will make our streets safe again. That is why I am supporting Jeff Landry for governor.”

Michele Anglin

Landry Faith Anglin, an eighth-grader at Caddo Middle Magnet, was sitting with her family when a stray bullet went through her grandparents house and struck Landry, killing her. Watch Michele Anglin’s, mother of Landry Anglin, testimony here.

“My daughter was creative, happy, excited about the future. My daughter was beautiful. All of a sudden we heard a pop. Landry bent over and screamed-help me. That is when I knew. It was a scream you never forget. I grabbed her and said I am here, mommas here, tell be what’s wrong. And she never said another word. Landry was murdered by someone who should have never been on the streets. Jeff Landry knows where the system is broken and wants to make our State safer. We need a law and order governor.”

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