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EBR School Board Appoints Emily Chatelain as Interim District 8 Representative

Emily Chatelain
Emily Chatelain

BATON ROUGE, La. - On Thursday, September 28, the East Baton Rouge Parish School Board made a significant appointment, selecting Emily Chatelain as the interim representative for District 8.

Four candidates vied for the EBR School Board position, aiming to represent District 8. Among the contenders were Emily Chatelain, Steve J. Crump, Virginia Hastings, and Michael Hendrick. This position became vacant earlier this month due to the resignation of Katie Kennison.

Kennison's resignation followed a series of contentious meetings revolving around school bus issues and staffing matters. The term for this role was originally slated to conclude at the end of 2026. Additionally, the board voted to hold a special election, scheduled for March of 2024, to ensure continued representation for District 8.

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