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Ted James Set to Challenge Sharon Weston Broome for Baton Rouge Mayor-President

Former State Rep. Ted James

BATON ROUGE, La.  — In what could shape up to be a fierce political showdown, former State Rep. Ted James is reportedly gearing up to challenge incumbent Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome for the top office in Baton Rouge.

Sources close to the situation revealed that James, who recently announced his resignation from his federal position as regional administrator for the U.S. Small Business Administration, is eyeing a bid for mayor-president.

James, a seasoned politician with a decade-long tenure in the Louisiana House of Representatives, cited a desire for a new chapter in his career as his motivation for leaving the federal agency.

"While I have valued my time with the administration and traveling all across the country, my heart is pulling me in a different direction that I look forward to discussing once I leave the agency," James stated.

If James follows through with his plans, it will set the stage for a showdown between two prominent Democratic figures in Baton Rouge. Broome, the city's first female mayor, has indicated her intention to seek a third term.

In response to inquiries about James' potential candidacy, Broome's office emphasized her track record of accomplishments, including progress in reducing crime, infrastructure improvements, and fostering economic growth.

Meanwhile, James reflected on his achievements during his time with the Small Business Administration, highlighting his efforts to bolster support for minority-owned businesses and forge partnerships with local leaders.

"My career has always been around serving Baton Rouge and making it better every single day," James remarked. "There are so many things we can magnify to create a better business ecosystem in the Capital Region."

As the political landscape begins to take shape, the stage is set for a dynamic electoral contest in Baton Rouge, with James poised to challenge Broome's bid for re-election.


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