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Baker High School set to reopen

BAKER, La. - The transformation of Baker High School, necessitated by the 2016 flood that rendered the previous facility unusable, is nearing completion, with the new school building poised to welcome students and staff after an eight-year hiatus on the middle school’s campus.

Superintendent J.T. Stroder expressed anticipation, noting the impending return to the high school represents a significant moment for the community. "There's some community pride, parental pride, getting back and having that school running again," he remarked.

Designed to accommodate 650 students, the new high school currently has only 350 enrolled. This surplus capacity presents an opportunity for seventh and eighth-grade students to transition to the upgraded campus, aiming for distinct separation between middle and high school students.

"We're striving for as much separation as possible. Separate lunch periods, different wings, and their classes," Stroder explained.

Consolidating middle and high school students under one roof fosters expanded enrichment programs and course offerings for all students. Stroder elaborated, "We are currently in the process of adding CTE classes like welding, auto mechanics, and media production. We can extend that to seventh and eighth-grade students that we couldn't do otherwise."

The imminent vacancy of the middle school campus prompts plans to relocate elementary school students, enhancing their access to superior facilities and a safer environment. "We are moving them to a facility with a gym, and cafeteria in the same building. It is a secure building with a single-point entry campus," Stroder assured.

Regarding the fate of the old elementary building, no definitive plans have been outlined thus far.

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