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An invitation for higher studies in Canada from

Canada is one of the most popular study destinations for international students. Millions of Students Studying Abroad dream of studying at the best Canadian universities that provide outstanding research opportunities and openings. The country has an amicable student community that is always caring and supportive. But very few students have the know-how of a Canadian student visa and application. Also, the admission process at universities involves a multitude of formalities as well.

  1. Services offered by provides 360 assistance for students who want to Study In Canada After Graduation. Let's check out the services our consultants offer for international students.

  • Statement of purpose (SOP)

To commence the admission process at any Canadian university, you must write a document called the Statement of Purpose or the SOP. Here you need to detail your purpose of application in a selected format and world limit. We have experts to teach you the technique of SOP writing.

  • Letter of recommendation (LOR)

Sometimes you need to submit a recommendation letter from your university professor to the university you are applying for. This is called a letter of recommendation or LOR. We have the best LOR writing experts serving thousands of international students each year.

  • Visa assistance

Every visa has a limited tenure, after which it expires. You cannot apply for the visa until the date of the subsequent visa arrives. If a visa is not processed within the stipulated time, it will expire soon. That's why we have a team of professionals who oversee student visas only.

  • Loan assistance

The cost of living and tuition fees in Canada is not affordable for people from all walks of life. So getting an education loan from a Canadian university may not be easy as well. But with the loan assistance service of, you will indeed receive an education loan. It helps you prepare the documents and details of availing the same at a minimal consultancy fee.

  • Forex services

Managing currency conversion has remained a big issue for Canadian overseas students for a long time. has a team of forex experts that deals with all currency conversion issues in Canada with a close watch on the value of the Canadian dollar compared to other currencies.

  • Air tickets

You need three things to fall in line to be admitted to a Canadian university. The date of admission, the date of visa clearance, and the date of boarding. Thus, the air ticket must be in cohesion with all the other dates. has links with all online and offline air ticketing facilities to smoothen a student's journey.

  • Travel Insurance

Sometimes, you need insurance for future travels. For example, students who desire to study at international universities start making plans long before they embark on the journey. That's why some students prefer travel insurance long before they set off for the journey. can do necessary insurance for future travels in Canada pretty easily.

  • Accommodation

Among all other consultancies, Abroadvice is different because it provides exclusive and extensive accommodation facilities to students who have set foot in Canada. In addition, it has links with major hostels and paying guests to ensure you don't worry about your Accommodation much.

  • Pre-departure

Abroadvice serves you all other pre-departure services that you might need. From your preparatory stage to the end of your admission process, Abroadvice stays with you like a solid wall.