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YOUR MONEY: Consumers to see Black Friday Deals Earlier This Year

BATON ROUGE, La. — The traditional concept of Black Friday shopping is going out the window.

Due to the pandemic, shopping in packed stores just hours after eating Thanksgiving dinner will be a thing of the past.

Retailers are well aware of that so they will be offering deals all throughout the month.

Kyle James is the founder of the money-saving blog

He has done the research to look for the best deals and explained when to take advantage of them.

“A lot of the deals are pretty good starting as early as November 4th," James said. "That’s when Walmart rolls out their first online Black Friday deals. They’ll do it every Wednesday until Black Friday and then they’ll do in-store deals every Saturday until Black Friday and they will release new deals. Basically they’re taking all of their Black Friday deals and they’re extending them for the whole month. So it’s the same products and you can get the same products online that you can get in the store so it’s the same savings and so it’s really imperative that you don’t really need to stand in line anymore.”

Target, Walmart and Best Buy are offering Black Friday deals early on in the month so consumers can already browse the ads for them. That’s why James recommends shopping early.

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