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With education and support, homeownership can strengthen the fabric of our communities

It’s difficult to pay much attention to the news without running across a litany of current challenges facing families looking to purchase a home.

The topic of homeownership has become increasingly troubling, between the increase in home prices, the unrelenting bidding wars for homes, and the lack of available inventory. It’s easy to understand why many potential homebuyers hesitate to enter the market, despite their desire to own a home.

The reality is that there are still opportunities for those with the right tools and support. There’s no better time than the present to explore the home buying process with companies who will work with you to land your dream home.

I’ve seen firsthand the joy and excitement it brings when a family finds the perfect starter home or the perfect-right-now home for their growing family.

Over the last 30 years, the Mid City Redevelopment Alliance has worked toward the revitalization and growth of our slice of Baton Rouge. That kind of redevelopment does not happen overnight, nor does it happen without the support of engaged local businesses and active partners.

With the assistance of partners like Hancock Whitney, we support the people who invest in growing and strengthening our community. Together, we are working toward a cultural shift in how our community approaches buying a home.

By making homebuyer education workshops available to prospective buyers before they start the process, we can help set a level playing field.

The stakes are high when buying a house, and getting your finances in order is imperative. Hancock Whitney helps the families we work with understand everything from down payments to mortgage rates.

The goal is not just to help put people in homes; it’s about building generational wealth for those that may have been denied it due to skin color, heritage, or background. Hancock Whitney knows that a strong foundation is the key to strong communities in the long term, and throughout our partnership, it has been clear that we’re aligned on what’s important.

For the last few years, we have witnessed just how important a supportive community can be. When neighbors rally for each other, we are stronger because of it.

Community is fundamental to our experience as humans; supporting our neighbors on the path to homeownership is the very least we owe them. Something so fundamental should never be out of reach to anyone who wants it.

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