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What is THIS all about?

Barbara W. Green

By Barbara W. Green

Guest columnist

These times have caused many of us to be all over the page in trying to figure "what is this all about, Alfie?”  (You remember the song. I know the grandparents do.)

What is this pandemic all about, anyway?

I believe the answer is attention. That’s right. ATTENTION.

In the field of counseling, one dynamic strategy, or technique, or practice has resurfaced. It is called “Mindfulness." Without going into a lecture, I will just say that when one is “mindful," one is intentionally focused upon one’s priorities—the main thing, indeed, being the MAIN THING.

With mindfulness, one is effective in being purposefully driven to finish what one is mindful of “finishing“. In the scriptures, when God said something is finished, it was completed. It is “finishing” a thing that enables one to rest,  “after the finish”. And when one is mindful of a thing, he or she sticks to or with it until “finish” is the result.

On a spiritual level, the enemy is trying to conduct a “mind shift” from spiritual victory to spiritual defeat. But if we believe Romans 8:28 in that all things are working together for our greater good, then we need to finish being captivated by fear and what ifs and think about what greater good can come and will come from this pandemic. Immediately, I think of “intentionality” in the maintenance of health. From the scripture (Philippians 4:8) which counsels us to think on these things: true things, honest things, just things, pure things. things which are lovely and of a good report, and if there be any praise, think on these things. In other words, THINK about what you are thinking about. Intentionality is the key; Mindfulness is the way.

How many times have we allowed the "immediate" stuff to get our attention immediately? Old Toothless tempts us to major in the minor and minor in the major. Consequently, the important stuff, such as family connections, thoughtful considerations of our loved ones get shifted from “I’ll see them this weekend” to “maybe  I’ll get to it next weekend" until next weekend never arrives. 

Now you may be asking what, if anything, has this pandemic got to do with what I have just brought to your Mind? Simple: Ask yourself, what is this COVID virus kept me (away) from, FINISHING?

Let me explain. 

We all know that our days to finish our occupation on this planet are numbered. Right? Even though you may not have been mindful of that fact, this pandemic has succeeded in causing us to think about how our completion(finishing) on this earth maybe interrupted by an early exiting. COVID’s completion, once it enters the body, cannot be predicted, like a malignancy sometimes can. A lot of time is spent fighting the virus and not RESTING in a predicable outcome of overcoming. While some of the virus’ victims become victors in overcoming the illness, and others “fight to the finish” without surviving this life. Victory is assured when the fight is yielded to the proper outcome of the FINISH. 

I believe, on the positive side, that this pandemic comes that we might be mindful of living. Living and dying have become underrated because very few of us are mindful of INTENTIONAL living.  It is in Intentional Living that death has to give up its sting. Selah.

These are some of the obvious things to do as this COVID-19 pandemic tries to distract you and grab your attention.

  1. Live DELIBERATELY, till you finish living. If you want dying to not be so fearful, live life to its fullest in glorifying God.

  2. Appreciate your children and their children. Share (not waste or kill) time with them. Impart yourself into them. Plant your best self into them.

  3. Be intentional in your purpose for living.

  4. Forgive yourself.

  5. Give your family, friends, and colleagues something positive to connect to you and you alone. (What positive thing are you doing that no one else is doing?)

  6. Exhibit that you care

  7. Love, talk, laugh, and share intentionally. God will increase the value of what you planted and watered in this earth.

  8. Give your attention to the main things.

  9. Keep the main thing, the MAIN thing. Distractions distract us from completion.

‎"What’s it all about, Alfie?” It's all about your intention on placing your attention on finishing.

---From her Inner Reflections’ office in Baton Rouge, Barbara W. Green counsels individuals, families, and groups in person and virtually. She is a certified counselor and author of The Parent AnointingThe Great One, and a charge to keep is available in her office and through independent book stores, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. ONLINE:

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