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WeeklyPress to spotlight Candidate info, amendments, and Recommendations on the ballot

ALL CANDIDATES ARE INVITED TO SUBMIT INFORMATION. Please no more than 200 words, a color high-res photo, and a video if possible.

We are back. After a short break, the Baton Rouge Weekly Press eEditionTODAY is back just in time for the election and the holiday season. With almost 700 thousand active contacts across the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida growing, we will deliver critical news and information straight to your inbox and several social media platforms.

The BR Weekly Press has been a trusted printed source for news and information for the African American community for almost 46 years. It has been helping voters decide how to choose the right candidate to represent our business and community needs and interest.

The BR Weekly Press is excited to announce that we will be holding interviews with candidates for the 2022 Midterm Election who will ask for your votes. Our recommendations will be published in our Meet the Candidate and Voter Guide. This special edition will serve as a guide to help voters determine which candidate will best serve our communities. The Guide will include pertinent election-day and candidate information, and it is strongly recommended that you take the information to the polls as you vote on Nov. 8.

As with all elections, the people we elect play vital roles in the progress and growth of our cities and communities. As a member of the Black-owned media and the President of the Louisiana Black Publishers and Media Association, the BRWeekly Press is dedicated to informing and educating the communities and their people about the issues affecting their quality of life.

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