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Vote Darryl Hurst,District 5 Metro Council

Darryl Hurst

Darryl Hurst grew up in District 5. He and his sister were raised by a single mother who encouraged them to excel in school and extra-curriculars. Darryl chose sports and throughout his life, athletics has played a major role in molding him into the man he is today. After accepting a football scholarship to Southern University, Darryl received a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, which led to an opportunity that changed his life. He was hired on at AT&T along with several other college athletes. The company valued the skills learned in sports and felt it made great leaders. After recognizing the impact that sports had on his success, Darryl was inspired to create Elite Sports of Baton Rouge to offer that opportunity to others.

After a long career at AT&T, Darryl and his wife opened HD Communications of Lousiana Inc., an AT&T Solution Provider Agency. When he is not working as Executive Director of Elite Sports, Darryl serves in leadership at All Nations Worship Assembly Baton Rouge.

With his faith in God, servant’s heart for our community, family values, and ability to work with businesses to make an impact, Darryl Hurst is the type of leader that we need in our community. We are asking for your support to help us bring the right leadership to District 5 by supporting Darryl Hurst for Metro Council.

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