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Veteran Insurance Executive And Local Agent Tim Temple Announces Campaign For Commissioner Of Insura

Tim Temple

“For too long we’ve prioritized political experience, and the results have been painful for the citizens of Louisiana.”

Baton Rouge, LA – DeRidder native and long-time local agent and insurance industry executive Tim Temple announced today that he will be a candidate for Commissioner of Insurance in the fall, 2019 election. Temple has served in various roles in the insurance industry over the past 25 years, from neighborhood insurance agent to insurance executive helping businesses recover from the BP oil spill. “What Louisiana needs most now is a Commissioner who understands insurance first-hand. For too long we’ve prioritized political experience over knowledge of the industry and the results have been painful for the citizens of Louisiana; the highest auto rates in the nation, fewer companies writing policies, and a business climate which often pays many times more in premiums than our neighboring states. This cannot continue and that’s why I felt I ultimately needed to run for this office,” said Temple.

The top priorities for Temple will be addressing Louisiana’s highest insurance rates in the nation, increasing competition by recruiting more insurance companies to begin doing business in Louisiana, improving the service and communication aspect of the office, and being a voice for both ratepayers and the industry. Temple is kicking off the campaign with a tour of the state. The tour will begin in Temple’s hometown of DeRidder.

Temple and his wife Amy Marie Temple, live in Baton Rouge with their two daughters, Aubrey (10) and Sophia (9). Presently, Tim serves as President of Temptan, a family owned business in Baton Rouge. Temple also serves on the Louisiana Committee of 100 for Economic Development, working outside of government to provide leadership and resources. He has helped create real and positive change for Louisiana residents in government, education, and the economy. Temple is also a Founding Board Member of the Louisiana National Guard Youth Challenge Foundation as well as a proud member of the NRA.

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