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Urban Revitalization Initiative Unveiled for North Baton Rouge, Featuring New Grocery Store

Updated: Feb 27

BATON ROUGE, La. - City leaders in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, have unveiled an ambitious plan to revitalize North Baton Rouge, aiming to transform it into a vibrant business hub. Central to this initiative is the proposal to construct a much-needed grocery store at the intersection of Prescott and Joor Road.

The project, championed by Metro council members, seeks to address various community challenges, including economic stagnation and concerns about crime. Local resident Glenn Barnes expressed optimism about the proposal, noting its potential to create jobs and reduce crime rates. "It would employ people in the community and that will help cut down on some of the crime if people work. They have a reason to live and not to steal," Barnes remarked.

The unveiling took place during a community meeting convened by District 5 Metro Councilman Darryl Hurst. Hurst emphasized the significance of the grocery store, envisioning it as a solution to the area's food desert problem and a catalyst for broader commercial development along Joor Road. "This grocery store will close the gap in the food desert, but also be the catalyst that starts more commercial development to make Joor Road a place where people want to live, work, and play," Hurst stated.

Alongside the grocery store, plans are in motion for the construction of an apartment complex, with 330 units currently underway and an additional 200 units planned for seniors. Developer Tom Delahaye's donation of 14 acres of land has facilitated progress on the grocery store project.

The proposed grocery store, Pyburn’s Farm Fresh Foods, draws inspiration from its successful model in Houston, where it operates several locations in underserved neighborhoods. The Baton Rouge venture is estimated to require an investment of $15 million.

Hurst highlighted Pyburn’s Farm Fresh Foods' commitment to serving marginalized and underserved areas, aiming to provide access to fresh produce, meats, and other essential products. Councilmembers are scheduled to engage with state leaders at the capitol on Friday, seeking necessary support for the project's realization. If all proceeds as planned, the grocery store could potentially open within the next year, marking a significant step forward in the revitalization efforts of North Baton Rouge.


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