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Understand the Top Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur

Excerpts from “The Empowered Entrepreneur: Developing Your Entrepreneurs Mindset” E-book

There are several common features and traits that successful entrepreneurs share. Even if you don’t have these yet, you can develop them with practice and perseverance. More than likely though, you already have some of these traits if you are looking into becoming an entrepreneur. Even if you need to work on some of them, you’re on the right track.

They Are Fearless – The truth is - this is wrong. No one is fearless, but they are able to push through boundaries and do things through the fear. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin probably weren’t truly fearless, but they felt the fear and then had enough confidence in their convictions to work through the fear and do it anyway.

They Make Actionable Plans – An entrepreneur makes plans to do things, but they don’t just make plans - they make plans that are actionable. Making plans, setting goals – that’s just part of the process. Doing is more important than any of that. Without action nothing becomes reality. At some point making plans has to become taking action to get things done.

They Understand Cash Flow – A lot of new entrepreneurs think that income is an indicator of success, but the truth is, without adequate cash flow a business that earns money can still fail. Cash flow management is a critical element in running a successful business. Your bills are due at a specific time and billables are due at a specific time, but you know that it doesn’t always work out. So, work hard to understand cash flow so that you can be truly successful.

They Know It’s Not About Them – You’ve heard it before - the customer is always first. But, it never will really hit home until you’re an entrepreneur. You have to learn to separate your wants and desires from your customers’ wants and desires. The customer should drive your products and services and even price point more than your passions and dreams should.

They Aren’t Afraid to Self-Promote – As an entrepreneur you have to let go of shyness and promote yourself. Become the expert. Be known as the “go to” person in your niche and you’ll have people pounding down your door to get what you have. You can’t get there if you are too afraid to be a self-promoter.

Tip: Create something valuable that you’re proud of and it’ll be easy to promote it.

Developing an entrepreneurial mindset and building your skills can be a process that you work on as you get started in your new business venture or continue in a business you’ve already started. Identifying where you are deficient will help you move forward and become more successful as an entrepreneur.

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