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Transportation Chief Steps Down Following Bus Crisis in East Baton Rouge Parish Schools

BATON ROUGE — After seven months fraught with challenges, Kelvin Ridgley, head of transportation for East Baton Rouge Parish schools, resigned on Monday.

Ridgley's departure follows a tumultuous period marked by a shortage of bus drivers and a two-day sickout over low wages at the beginning of the academic year.

In his resignation email addressed to interim Superintendent Adam Smith, Chief of Human Resources Nichola Hall, and interim Chief of Operations John McCann, Ridgley expressed his decision to step down, citing an inability to continue handling the ongoing transportation issues.

"I have always said that no matter what, I would do this job with a smile on my face and the day I can’t, would be my last," wrote Ridgley.

Ridgley, who took on the role just a week before the start of the school year, noted a lack of sufficient resources from the outset. Despite efforts to address the issues, Ridgley expressed frustration that the underlying problems remained unresolved.

"At this point, I am choosing NOT to be left holding the bag any longer," he stated, offering to aid in the transition to new leadership if required.

The resignation comes amid recent leadership changes, with Adam Smith assuming the role of interim superintendent six weeks ago, succeeding Sito Narcisse. The school board is currently initiating a search for a permanent superintendent.

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