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Tiffany Foxworth A Champion And Trailblazer for Justice

Tiffany Foxworth, #218, candidate for 19th Judicial District Court, Judge, Division M, in the April 4, 2020 election (early voting March 21-28, 2020). She has dedicated over 27 years to public service as an attorney, registered nurse and US Army Veteran. She is a graduate of Southern University School of Nursing and Southern University Law Center, who immediately began the practice of law in the private sector to be a champion for civil rights, justice and equality.

Tiffany Foxworth has worked in the community her entire legal career. She has represented hundreds of litigants in criminal, family, probate, adoption, and civil matters all within the jurisdiction of the court, in which she seeks to serve.

As a lawyer, she has witnessed injustice and disparity in particular to people of color. She voices, she’s most proud to have represented a young man on a pro-bono basis who was wrongfully arrested and charged with second degree murder and attempted second degree murder. The jury ultimately found him not guilty on all charges in less than 30 minutes. Although, legally people are presumed innocent until proven guilty, this young man spent two years in jail while awaiting trial for crimes he did not commit simply because he couldn’t afford bail.

Tiffany Foxworth also represented the family of a young child who was sexually abused for years by a family friend. By contrast, this predator was set free by the system that was designed to protect innocent children. As a result, this predator was set free and subsequently molested and killed a child.

Throughout her career, she’s witnessed the system fail mothers and children time and time again. Her number one goal is to protect those who are most vulnerable such as children, women and the elderly.

Tiffany Foxworth seeks to serve the community to prevent such injustices from occurring and protect the community at large from rapist, child molesters and predators.

As a mother and Christian woman, she knows that without God, justice cannot be properly dispensed and she will “Let justice roll down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. ~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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