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The Results Are In!

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

It was time for the preliminary election in Louisiana, with the votes tallied up past midnight on Saturday, July 11.

The city of Baton Rouge said “Yes” to the East Baton Rouge Parish Law Enforcement District, Louisiana Property Tax Renewal. This new tax will be a special property tax of $373 per $100,000 of assessed property value for ten years until the end of 2030 to fund the East Baton Rouge Parish Law Enforcement District.

Joe Biden won the Democratic vote for the state of Louisiana, with 82.7% win. President Donald Trump won for the Republican majority, with over 92% of Louisiana citizens wanting the business mogul for re-election.

The election for the Democratic State Central Committee was a large one, with members running multiple parishes. These members govern the body for the Democratic Party of Louisiana. They conduct the Democratic National Committee to delegate the selection process, promote and build the state party, hold fundraisers, and maintain voter relations, education, and leadership programs.

Denise Marcelle was re-elected and will continue to serve in her position as a member of the 63rd Representative District Office A. The owner of Bell’s Janitorial Service, Alfred Bell, for 61 Representative Office B had the most votes with 45.8% of votes. Followed behind him was Corey Smith with 39.8% of votes.

The election for the new member of 63rd Representative District Office A was a close race, with the president of Louisiana Association of Educators Tia Mills beating former Miss East Baton Rouge Parish Jessica Carter by almost 500 votes. Joining Mills in 63rd Representative for Office B is Facilitator of Blended Learning for the City of Baker Schools, Mitchell Conner.

“Mike” Deshotels holds the seat for member 65th Representative Office A, with retired Judge of East Baton Rouge Parish Juvenile Court of the Louisiana Juvenile Courts. Pamela Taylor Johnson is holding member for Office B.

The election for the member of 66th Representative Office A was a close one, but Britney Temple won the seat with 284 votes, beating Susan East Nelson. Following Temple is Trey Ourso for Office B.

Dr. Leah Cullins had 47.5% of the votes for the 67th Representative District for Office A position, with Carolyn R. Coleman following behind her with 28.62% of the votes. Larry Selders is now representing Office B, succeeding Representative Pat Smith.

Four members were running to be the member of the 68th Representative District, with a close race against the business owner and community activist Jason Hughes and Attorney Michael Adams. Hughes had 29.18% of the votes and Adams had 35.62%.

Democratic Parish Executive Committee Member Tawanda Boatner is the new r member for Representative for District 69 Office A, followed by former member Representative of the 6th Congressional District Kirk Green for a member of the 69th Representative District.

It was a close race for members of the 70th Representative District, with Gail Horne Ray winning the seat against Tania Nyman by 327 votes.

Dawn Chanet Collins will now hold the seat of a member of the 101 Representative District, winning the place against Chrisdelin Kelly Lyles.

There was also a run for the Democratic Parish Executive Committee seats, with a lot of close races for the positions. These members will have responsibility for the Democratic Party affairs at the local level. These responsibilities include the endorsement of local candidates for building the Democratic infrastructure within their communities.

The run for Democratic Parish Executive Committee at Large consisted of 13 people running for the position, with Senator Regina Barrow of District 15 of the Louisiana State Senate having majority of the votes(17.9%) followed by C. Denise Marcelle (13.98%). Six people were running for the Republican Member at Large, with a close race against Louis “Woody” Jenkins and Scott McKnight, with McKnight holding18.65% of votes and Jenkins holding 18.43%.

For District 1, Brenda Carter won the seat. Patricia Smith will now be representing District 2. She will be representing District 3. Pamela Taylor Johnson will represent District 4, with Vereta Tanner Lee representing District 5. It was a close race for District 6, with Verna Bradley-Jackson receiving 30.72% of votes, Corey Smith receiving 31.93% of votes, and Dawn Chanet Collins receiving 37.35% of votes. It was a close race for District 7, with Jamie Robinson winning against Scott Cornelius with 252 votes. Tawanda Boatner will hold another position, winning the seat for District 8. Charles Stephens will keep the place for District 9. Dr. Collins will hold another chair as well, representing District 10. Elizabeth “Betty” Powers held the most votes for District 11, leading with 49.6% of votes. “Brad” Gordon trailed behind her with 39.47% of votes. Brandon DeCuir will now represent District 12.

Joseph Orgeron is now the State Representative for the 54th Representative District.

Lawyer Tiffany Foxworth and Baton Rouge City Court Judge Yvette Alexander will continue in a runoff in August for the seat of District Judge of the 19th Judicial District Court, ES 2, Div. M. Whitney Higginbotham Greene had the most votes for the position of City Judge for the City Court, Division C, of the City of Baton Rouge. She held 32.3% of the votes, with Johnell Matthews having 28.83% of the votes.

The city of Baker had their primaries as well. The anticipated vote for Baker Mayor and Chief of Police results are in, with the re-election of both. Darnell “DA-1” Waites will continue his role as Mayor, and Chief Carl Dunn will continue his role as chief of the police in Baker.

Rochelle Dunn won the position as Councilman of District 2, winning against “Pete” Heine by 13 votes. Glenda Bryant will hold the position as Councilman of District 3. There will be a runoff for Councilman of District 4 with Doris T. Alexander and Robert Young. Brenda G. Jackson won the seat as Councilman of District 5.

Results were not tallied until well after midnight. Click HERE for a full list of results

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