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The plain sight option

By Pastor Jerome Smith

Brand New Life Christian Center

As a theory, hiding in plain sight relies more on the limits of human perception than outright trickery.

The paradox of the visible remaining unperceived is our need to filter information to navigate the world.

That being said, humanity has taken on the mindset of the most terrific liar ever; the Bible calls him the father of lies.

God's original plan was that we would be in his presence and fellowship with him daily. The relationship was based on openness, honesty, and transparency.

When there are disruptions in a relationship, trust is challenged; we tend to think that the burden of faith is only on the one whose trust has been violated, but the violator has the responsibility of believing that they can be trusted again.

When we are not sure or convinced that we won’t be rejected or unworthy to be trusted, we tend to hide in plain sight, pretending that we are all right.

So we try to blend in and camouflage our lives, refusing to be transparent.

God didn’t know what Adam to hind. He just needed him to be transparent and honest. I think this is one of the most excellent, most significant problems for humanity, the idea of being perfect.

Christ died for imperfect people, so there’s no need to hind because we are not perfect or without sin. All have sinned and come short of glory! There isn’t a lot of transparency or honesty; it’s not because we don’t want to be, but we’ve bought into the religious idea of having a form of godliness and denying the power of love to be seen.

The power of God is shown through his love we experience through grace; his love for us is more significant than our guilt, insecurities, self-judgment, or the judgment of others.

So there’s no need to hide; true love casts out all fear; if we fall short or fail to live up to his standard, his grace is sufficient.

Let’s be clear; grace isn’t an opportunity to live ungodlily or do what pleases you; we should live to bring glory to God.

There is a Godly standard but hiding behind a religious Façade isn’t the answer to freedom if we miss the mark. Hiding behind a religious Façade isn’t the answer to release if we miss the mark.

Adam and Eve had to take life to hide their lives; Cain killed his brother and buried him because Cain wasn’t obedient.

God didn’t condemn them. He just wanted transparency,

Where are you?

Relationships are more vital when you can be transparent and not be afraid that you will lose someone or lose your place in their heart. True love removes the fear, this kind of love that keeps the emery at bay.

If we can’t trust God in one another, we become vulnerable to the serpent's lies; God said, confess your faults to one another. That way, by leading the spirit, we can help each other.

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