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The 'His Love Is Amazing' Movement: Spreading God's Love and Impact Across Louisiana

By: Apostle Antoine L. George, Sr.

Apostle Mardia Scott center and the "His Love Is Amazing —Movement"
Apostle Mardia Scott center and the "His Love Is Amazing —Movement"

Apostle Mardia Scott
Apostle Mardia Scott

2019 Apostle Mardia Scott penned a song that would shape a remarkable movement known as "His Love Is Amazing." This movement, ignited by his hit single "Amazing," quickly captured the hearts of listeners and went viral in weeks. Four years on, under the leadership of Apostle Scott, it has flourished into a wildfire, grabbing the attention of 21 mayors across Louisiana. From Kentwood to Baton Rouge, New Iberia to Lafayette, and beyond, city mayors officially declared January 1st each year as "His Love Is Amazing" Day through signed proclamations.

Apostle Mardia Scott, a Hip-Hop Recording Artist, expressed his profound purpose in a recent YouTube video: "When I reentered the music world, it was challenging because the whole goal was to reach our youth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ." He added, "I am hoping that through this movement, I can give back to our youth that which was able to change my life forever, and it is His Amazing Love. Nothing but His Amazing Love can change the conditions of our community, the poverty, and the politics that cannot find the answers. His love is the answer."

In a significant development, Governor John Bel Edwards personally signed an official Commendation from the Louisiana Governor's Office. This commendation has made "His Love Is Amazing" Day an officially recognized statewide event, reaffirming Apostle Scott's vision to reach at least 10% of Louisiana's population, approximately 460,000 individuals.

Collaborating with Law of Life Ministries International, SALT Records, and Lamb to Lion, all entities owned and operated by Apostle Scott, this movement is poised to soar and spread the Amazing Love of God across Louisiana. "His Love Is Amazing" operates out of the 70805 Conversion Center, situated at 5339 Choctaw Drive in Baton Rouge.

The movement offers a range of programs designed with people from all walks of life in mind. The "Prison Prevention" initiative is dedicated to preventing children from entering the criminal justice system and providing support to those reentering society, reminding them of God's love. Youth participating in the Prison Prevention program gain access to empowering resources and guidance, diverting them from compromising decisions. Notably, this program is enhanced by the partnership with NBA veteran Garrett Temple and the New Orleans Pelicans.

In a world where youth are often judged based on stereotypes, the "Friday Night Lights" event, tailored for young individuals, occurs every Friday night at the 70805 Conversion Center. It provides a stage for young people to be recognized for the potential God has instilled in them rather than the circumstances they have faced. This event showcases live talent, family entertainment, concessions, and games, with youth having the chance to win up to $250 in cash prizes through a friendly talent show.

In conjunction with Law of Life Ministries International, founded by Apostle Mardia Scott, an impactful 8-week course called "Lamb to Lion – Ministry and Marketplace Leadership Training" is offered. Taught by Apostle Scott himself, this course prepares and equips students, through biblical teachings, to operate effectively in the Kingdom as both a lamb and a lion, reflecting the dual nature of Christ.

The "His Love Is Amazing" t-shirt has been introduced as part of the movement. As per the Governor's Commendation, citizens are encouraged to wear this remarkable t-shirt across the state to signify unity and agreement that God's Love is indeed AMAZING! Additionally, proceeds from the sale of each t-shirt contribute to the movement's "Amazing Experience" initiative, which provides underprivileged youth with tickets to a Pelicans Home Game. To obtain your "Amazing" t-shirt, please visit

Apostle Mardia Scott invites every citizen of Louisiana to join in unity, declaring, "If it had not been for the Amazing Love of God, where would we be?" The "His Love Is Amazing" Movement is a testament to the transformative power of love, faith, and community engagement.

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