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The Church Lady: Troubling Times

The Church Lady

Hey Babies, how yall doing?  Y'all yet saved huh? Nah, look here you can't be letting these here troubling times get you looking back at Sodom. I don't want none of you to be turning into a pillar of salt like Lot's wife. Now I know it's been kind of ruff here lately, but we got to keep the faith, oh yes we do! I'll be the first one to tell you that it ain't easy either. Why I must confess that the other day I almost cussed, and I've been delivered from that a loooong time. But you know what sugars, sometimes life will shake the foundation of even the best of us. I know some of you feel me. Tell the truth and shame the devil. God still loves us.

Babies, did y'all see that Clark Sisters movie? Wasn't it good? OuWee it was so good. I'm so glad they told the truth. But just one thing, Nah y'all know that Mattie got her a couple of licks on elder Clark right? Just ain't no way you gonna tell me she didn't! Chile he probably got some grits too, but I'm gonna leave that alone. The movie was good, it was good.  Thank ya, Jesus! I'm just so dad blang tired of everyday somebody calling me and telling me somebody else is dead, and good people too. It just don't make no sense I tell you. But God. I remember a song they used to sing a while ago children. It said, "If I can't say a word, then I'll just wave my hand." The other day that's what I had to do children because I was plumb speechless. Can you imagine that? Me not having nothing to say. Well, it's true. I was just so outdone I didn't know what to do. My girlfriend Dorothy Mae called me and we cried together. Not like those who have no hope though. Normally that crazy girl would have me rolling, but there are some things in this life you can't even find the comedy in. All I can say is that it's good to have a few good friends babies. In times like these, we gotta keep each other lifted. I tell you being in this house is about to make me pull all my hair out. Oops! I forgot I was wearing a wig!  Hee, hee. Yeah, I lost what Lil hair I had back there in the Baton Rouge 100 year flood, but I bought me some more, and its mine. That's what I said, its mine. I paid for it! I Shoal did and when this is all over I'm going right on over there to the hair crown and get me some more, yes I am. I don't know what happened to my hair? It must have been stress. What you say? I'm too blessed to be stressed. Well, you're right, but you should have told my hair that. Lawd ham mercy! All I know is Jesus Lives. That's right he got down off that cross a long time ago. So would y'all please stop putting back up there. I gots to go chile. I need to call Dorothy Mae and tell her now its time to pray. Y'all know how we do it, pray and cry and cry and pray. It's alright to cry sometimes sugars. It helps you get it off of yourself, tears are cleansing. And one day he's gonna wipe all of my tears away. Now let me go because I feel a Paul Morton run coming on. Look here babies, stay yourselves in the house you here me and stay saved.

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