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The Church Lady Speaks: Use Your Common Sense

The Church Lady

Hey babies, I pray that you all are yet saved and on the land of the living. If you’re reading this, I guess that you are huh? Hee, hee. Laughter is good medicine for the soul. No matter what situations we find ourselves in we have to learn how to keep it light. Lol, that’s what the youguns say right? laugh out loud. Now I’m not into all of that texting and emailing and such, but we all had to figure it out in the midst of this here corona virus, didn’t we? I mean if you want to pay your bills or talk to somebody or even go to church. If you don’t have or know how to work the internet, you’re just up lit creek. Some of these preachers just have no mercy for their old members. Everybody wants they’re face on the facelook. I don’t know why they didn’t do the call in like Bishop did. If we don’t know what they look like by now, shame on us. It’s a new day I tell you. So, if you weren’t face looking and instagrabbing and texting before; you better learn, or you are going to get left behind babies. Times are a changing. Do ya’ll know that they even have a drive by to view the dead people at the funeral home now? My, my, my. I tell you things are sure not what they used to be. Chile this virus has plumb changed our way of life. So, if you are one of those ole heads who is just stuck in your ways, you are in for a ruff transition.

Now I’ve been watching the news. Have yall been watching the news? The poor governor is just trying to keep us safe bless his heart. But he’s got devils attacking him from every angle. Some of are mad because he’s making us stay at home. Those are the stupid ones. Others are mad because he’s telling them to wear the mask, they’re stupid too. Then you have those bullies who want to make him re-open everything so they can make some money. Those are the greedy ones. You can’t spend money if you are dead stupid! But now let me tell you who is the stupidest of all…that would be any of you who don’t have sense enough to make a decision for yourself. It’s your life dummy! If you don’t feel comfortable enough to go outside, Stay at home! Can’t nobody make you go nowhere. Not even to work, but now if you must go to work you probably better go. But wear your mask baby, cover yourself good and stay 12 ft. from everybody. I know, I know what they said, but you better listen to me sugar. 6ft. is not far enough.

Now you know what gets me, some of these folks won’t even wear a mask and the president and the governor too are saying they get to choose. They are not being good neighbors. How come people get to choose all the things that hurt other people? I’ll never understand. Even God gave us the power of choice. I don’t know why he went and did that when he already knew we would make stupid decisions. Lord have mercy. Babies use your God given common sense. Mildred and Jerry Lee didn’t raise no fools and I just bet you parents didn’t either.

Some of ya’ll just did that on your own. Heaven help us. I’m telling ya’ll cook at your house and stay away from them fast food places. Do your own crusty feet and fix you own picky head. You used to. I don’t know why ya’ll acting like you don’t know how to do nothing for yourselves. Ouuuuuwee, ya’ll are making me tired so I’m going to go in here and finish cooking my turkey wings. Happy Mother’s Day mamas. I know they can’t take ya’ll out to eat, but it’s a blessing girls because ya’ll know they can’t cook like us anyway. Alright babies I gotta go. Stay blessed and stay saved, and for God’s sake stay safe and stay alive!

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