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State Senator Fields Appointed to Southern Regional Education Board’s Legislative Advisory Council

State Senator Cleo Fields has been appointed to the Southern Regional Education Board’s (SREB) Legislative Advisory Committee by Governor John Bel Edwards.

SREB is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that works with 16 member states to improve public education at every level, from pre-K through Ph.D. SREB’s Legislative Advisory Council convenes legislative leaders in education from each state to guide SREB’s programs. Members stay abreast of educational progress and legislative action in other states across the region and share effective statewide policy to improve education.

“During this unprecedented and challenging time, it is important that we work together to create a path for Louisiana’s students to succeed,” said Senator Fields. “I’m looking forward to working with, and learning from, other SREB member states to improve education in Louisiana for our students and teachers.”

Senator Fields is a veteran leader in education. At the age of 29, while serving as the youngest member of the 103rd Congress, he created a Congressional Classroom for elementary though secondary school-age students. Noted for being the first of its kind in the country, the Congressional Classroom helped students develop leadership and self-esteem while understanding the governmental process. It is known today as the Louisiana Leadership Institute. Senator Fields currently chairs the Senate Education Committee and actively works to pass critical legislation that will benefit education in Louisiana.

“Senator Field’s commitment to education is vital to Louisiana and the SREB region, and we appreciate his leadership and service,” said SREB President Stephen Pruitt.

SREB was created in 1948 by Southern governors and legislators who recognized the link between advancing education and improving economic vitality. Member states are Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia. 

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