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State Senator Regina Barrow encourages all citizens to exercise their fundamental right to vote this Saturday, July 11, 2020. The Senator would like to reassure citizens that extra precautions will be in place to protect the health and safety of voters and poll workers.

The Secretary of State has put heightened precautions in place to protect in-person voters and polling commissioners at Election Day precincts.  These additional precautions include:

  • Maintaining social distancing guidelines

  • Offering hand sanitizer to voters

  • And distributing masks and gloves to polling commissioners

“It’s imperative that voters, and workers, feel safe at the polls,” said Senator Barrow. “I appreciate what the Secretary of State has done to make voting in Louisiana safe in 2020, despite the ongoing threat of COVID-19. I know this is a scary time, however, I want everyone to know that these measures are in place to protect their health so they can exercise their fundamental right to vote as American citizens.”

The Senator also encourages voters to view and personalize their sample ballot online before going to the polls. Registered voters may access and personalize their sample ballot here:

“Viewing a personalized sample ballot online before you go vote can expedite the time you spend at the polls,” stated Senator Barrow. “Not every person's ballot will be the same because where you live determines what issues you are asked to vote on. Not only will accessing your ballot beforehand better prepare you for the issues at hand, it will lessen the time you spend at your polling place, which will hopefully limit your potential exposure to the virus."

For more information on your sample ballot, polling locations, and the safety measures put into place, Senator Barrow encourages you to visit or download the Geaux Vote Mobile App.

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