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State Program Provides Free Roof Repairs Ahead of Peak Hurricane Season

Louisiana residents facing roof problems due to recent storms can breathe a sigh of relief as a state program offers free roof repairs just in time for peak hurricane season. The initiative, spearheaded by Senator Regina Barrow, aims to assist homeowners like Kaufman, who discovered a leak in her ceiling but lacked insurance coverage after paying off her mortgage.

Inspired by her own struggles to repair her parents' roof after Hurricane Ida, Senator Barrow took action to address the challenges faced by many residents in similar situations. "We had to go through this whole process of trying to get them a new roof, and it was traumatic," she shared. "It was traumatic for me even as a legislator, so I can only imagine what seniors go through."

Thanks to grant funding secured by Senator Barrow last year, qualified applicants now have the opportunity to receive a brand-new roof. The program operates in collaboration with the Louisiana Housing Commission, with a strong focus on prioritizing vulnerable groups. According to Joshua Hollins, Executive Director of the LHC, "We're prioritizing seniors, low-income individuals, single mothers, and those folks who may not have the resources to pay for a roof."

Currently, the program is actively working on 12 roofs, and there are plans to extend assistance to 125 households with the available funding. While they are not accepting new applicants at the moment, they remain optimistic that with additional funding, they can assist more residents in need.

As hurricane season approaches, the program's timely efforts aim to safeguard homes and provide much-needed support to those facing roof-related challenges. Residents who have already benefited from the program express their gratitude for the assistance received, giving hope to many others in similar predicaments.

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