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Southern University Law Center hosts annual Native American Tribal Symposium, November 17-18

Southern University Law Center
Southern University Law Center

Tribal law issues remain a controversial topic within political arenas and educational institutions. In an effort to continue to educate and takes steps to improve enforcement and justice for Native American communities, the Southern University Law Center will host its annual Native American Tribal Law Symposium scheduled for November 17th-18th at Southern University New Orleans’ Millie M. Charles School of Social Work, located on 6800 Press Dr. in New Orleans, LA.

“Tribal Law is extremely important, and we want to continue to emphasize

it,” said Marla Dickerson, associate vice chancellor for innovation and strategic partnerships and initiatives. “This symposium will offer discussions that will provide understanding to individuals interested in learning more about the Native American legal systems.”

The two-day event will explore the unique customs of tribal law surrounding a variety of topics, including Zuni Criminal Law, Major Crimes Act, Indian Country Jurisdiction, and more.

During the symposium, participants will attend open panel discussions and engage in conversation with legal professionals. Speakers include Jeremy Gay, private law attorney; Lucas Babycos, litigation attorney; Robert Greiwe, founder of Pueblo Zuni Tribe Public Defender’s Office; Davis Jordan, Navajo, and tribal law attorney; and Barry Klopfer, state and tribal criminal defense attorney. Participants will also hear from experienced researcher and data scientist Brittany Babycos, who will break down Native American legal statistics.

The event registration is $50 per hour or $170 per day. Participants can register at

For more information, contact Marla Dickerson, associate vice chancellor for innovation and strategic partnerships and initiatives, at

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