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Sounds of Blackness has returned with a soul-charged new music video and Afrobeat remix

Sounds of Blackness

Hold Up Your Light - New Afrobeat Remix

Sounds of Blackness Records, Atomic K Records with support by Rock the Cause Records & Media

6 September 2022

Sounds of Blackness has returned with a soul-charged new music video and Afrobeat remix by Maurice Joshua, of their groundbreaking new single "Hold Up Your Light."

3x Grammy Award-Winning Sounds of Blackness trailblazing new single "Hold Up Your Light" is a universal message of hope and inspiration for all of humankind. Coming worldwide on 7/29/2022!

Download or stream WAV below. A lyric video is also included below.

Over the past three decades, Sounds of Blackness best known single, “Optimistic” has endured as one of the great social justice anthems of our time.

“Hold Up Your Light” will no doubt make its mark in popular music as a timeless voice beckoning the hurting, broken, and oppressed towards the liberating light of being seen, heard, understood, and cherished.

Expertly written and produced by Sounds of Blackness's own Carrie Harrington, "Hold Up Your Light" is a soundtrack for today's social justice and systemic equality movements. It is a gift of encouragement and motivation for each and every living soul to work together, to find the courage to heal and be healed so that all may live a life of safety, belonging, abundance, and boundless love.

"Find Your Fire! Find Your Fight. HOLD UP YOUR LIGHT!”. -

Gary Hines, Music Director Sounds of Blackness

Sounds of Blackness is seeking “Hold Up Your Light” song-sharing partners and interviews with members of Sounds of Blackness. To learn more, contact Scott Herold at

About Sounds of Blackness

Since 1971, Sounds of Blackness has taken audiences worldwide on a musical journey through the history of African-American music via tours, stage productions, music workshops, recordings, and concerts.

Over the years, they have received 3 Grammys, SoulTrain, NAACP Image, Stellar and International Time for Peace Awards, and an Emmy Nomination. Sounds of Blackness also appear on Film Soundtracks and so much more.

Their soulful music spans Jazz, Blues, R&B, Spirituals, Rock & Roll, Gospel, Hip-Hop, Worldbeat, and Soul. It has left an indelible imprint and inspired audiences worldwide.

The Grammy Award-winning group is also celebrating its 51st Anniversary with a ‘Special Edition Justice Package‘ - “Time For Reparations,” “Royalty,” “Black Lives Matter,” & “Sick & Tired.”

The ‘Justice Package‘ will pave the way for Sounds' new hit singles “Hold Up Your Light“ and “You’re Gonna Win” - Coming Soon!

Director Hines credits God and all Sounds of Blackness members for their success over these 51 years.

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