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Secretary Ardoin Announces Suspension of Louisiana Commission on Election Integrity, Voting Meeting

Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin

BATON ROUGE, La. As a result of Act 480 of the 2021 Regular Legislative Session, establishing the Louisiana Voting System Commission (VSC), Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin is announcing the suspension of the Louisiana Commission on Election Integrity and Voting.

“I sincerely thank Chairman Quentin Dastugue and all members of this commission for their willingness to serve,” Ardoin said. “However, at this time, my staff and I must focus on supporting the important work of studying Louisiana’s next voting system as mandated by statute. I look forward to re-assembling the Commission on Election Integrity and Voting in the future following the issuance of the VSC’s report to the Governor, the Legislature and myself.” More information about the inaugural meeting and schedule of the Voting System Commission will be forthcoming.

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