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Robert Donaldson Writes Book of Struggle, and Victory 'Still Standing'

Robert Donaldson is a man of tremendous fortitude. He is a husband, father, minister, author and a life changing motivational speaker. He is a man with deep spiritual convictions, moral aptitude, and he possess the practical wisdom to inspire and motivate even the most disenfranchised. Robert is a native of Baton Rouge, LA and he has overcome tremendous difficulties.

In 1987 while other teenagers where concentrating on girls and parties, Robert was fighting for his life battling cancer. He was removed from school and spent a year receiving cancer treatments at M. D. Anderson in Houston, TX. After receiving a clean bill of health, he completed his schooling, married his long time sweetheart and climbed the corporate ladder. Then in 1999, just when he thought his life was on track he was diagnosed as having a rare and debilitating bacterial infection that resulted in the amputation of both of Robert’s legs and several of his fingers. Then after taking time to internalize what happen, he with the support of his wife Bonnie, were determine to experience life just as they had before the incident. So, he relied on his faith in God, rigorous workouts, and decided to fulfill his God given purpose. He has displayed tremendous fortitude and now lives a very fulfilling life.

Robert is a loving husband and father. He loves golfing and many other extracurricular activities. However, one of his greatest loves is helping others when life presents them with seemingly insurmountable challenges. In many cases, he has served as a mentor, life coach, and friend. He challenges those he encounter to become the person God destined them to be. His compassion for people causes him to equip them with the tools necessary to overcome all of life’s challenges and make an impact in their community, country, and world.

In addition, Robert has written his first book “Still Standing “which is a short and inspiring read for all people. Robert’s book is now available on Amazon. com. For speaking engagements please email

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