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Rev. Jackson visits Baton Rouge

Members of the Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus held Press Conference Calling for Equal Access to Education, Voter Registration, Jobs, and Resources to Stem the Violence

BATON ROUGE, La. — Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., State Representative Vincent J. Pierre (D-LA), Chairman of the Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus, and State Senator Cleo Fields (D-Louisiana) held a press conference at the Louisiana State Capitol Building on Thursday, May 19, to discuss voter registration, education, violence in the community and jobs.

“We stand together to fight for equal resources, especially since despite spending the most per student, Louisiana consistently ranks at the bottom of the country in educating our children. We fight for equal access to the ballot box, jobs, and equal education. We need to let people know that the progress made 45 years ago is in jeopardy again. We need to renew the struggle to protect the voters’ rights. “We also stand united in fighting for the resources we need to stem the violence in our urban cities,” Jackson said Thursday at the State Capitol.

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