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Red River Bank Secures a Coveted Spot on the 2023 "Best Banks to Work For" List

Alexandria, LA. – Red River Bank has clinched a prestigious position on the 2023 Best Banks to Work For list. In collaboration with Best Companies Group, American Banker has meticulously identified banks that stand out in fostering positive and supportive work environments for their employees. This year, 90 banks earned well-deserved spots on the coveted list, determined through an anonymous employee survey and a comprehensive evaluation of benefits and perks. The complete 2023 Best Banks to Work For list can be found at Best Banks to Work For 2023 | American Banker.

Chana R. Schoenberger, Editor-in-Chief of American Banker, remarked, "The banks acknowledged on this list are making concerted efforts to establish workplaces that attract employees. Banks are strategically focusing on retaining their valuable personnel, particularly in this transformative period where companies are witnessing shifts in how, where, and how much employees work."

They were determining the Best Banks to Work For involved a two-step assessment. Initially, each participating bank underwent a rigorous examination of workplace policies, practices, and demographics, contributing to 25% of the total evaluation. The subsequent step involved surveys among employees to gauge their experiences and attitudes toward their workplace, constituting 75% of the overall assessment. The cumulative scores from these evaluations ultimately determined the final ranking.

Blake Chatelain, President and CEO of Red River Bank, reflected on the achievement, stating, "Red River Bank, rooted in the ethos of 'always doing the right thing,' was established a quarter of a century ago. Today, more than ever, it is imperative that we prioritize our people with a genuine, distinctive culture, irrespective of our growth. We aim to cultivate a culture that embodies a high-performing, intelligent bank, simultaneously fostering a friendly, compassionate, inclusive, and authentic environment starting from within."

Banks eligible for participation had at least 50 employees working in the U.S. and a business history of at least one year. Best Companies Group oversaw the registration and survey process, meticulously analyzing the data to determine the final ranking.

For further details on the Best Banks to Work For program, please visit

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