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Rebuttal to Councilwoman Alexander’s Letter of May 19, 2020

Kenneth R. Fabre City Attorney Baker

As Baker City Attorney and a resident in the Buffwood subdivision my response to Councilwoman Doris Alexander’s Letter to the Editor, dated May 19, 2020 printed in the Advocate regarding the tract of land, buildings, improvements and surface rights located in the Buffwood Subdivision. This shall serve to address point by point the politically motivated fallacious statements for the record.

In paragraph one of the letter, she inaccurately claims that the property was donated by the Buffwood Community. In fact, the Landry and Nettles family heirs donated this property to the City of Baker in March 2014; the Buffwood Community was not involved nor was a nonprofit the recipient. This donation to the City of Baker was approved by the City Council of Baker on November 12, 2013

In paragraph two, she inaccurately claims there are plans to turn this property into a “community center”. There are no formal plans nor has there been significant discussion thus far as to what ultimately the property will be used for.

In paragraph three, the City of Baker received a Louisiana Local Government Assistances (LGAP) Grant from the State of Louisiana to make necessary renovations so the building maintains its ability to meet code standards. A grant recently applied for and obtained states that its future use would be for “city approved meetings”. Grant funds were obtained because this city property ideally could be used for city approved meetings such as Rotary Club, Pilot Club, or other civic organizations with approval from the city. This, however, is only in preliminary discussion stages with no final decisions having been made.

It is important to remember because this building is owned by the City of Baker, the city is responsible, just as any homeowner or business owner is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of their buildings as required by City of Baker Code Enforcement policies.

In paragraph five of the letter, public comment for routine maintenance of a city owned building is not necessary nor required.

Ultimately, it appeared that this letter served no purpose other than to try to create political controversy where none exists. Ms. Alexander was and is fully aware of the true facts when she authored this letter which I explained and emphasized to her clearly during the City Council meeting on May 12, 2020.

As a City Council Member, she should be aware that the Council and the City of Baker would be remiss in their duty to fail to make the needed repairs to a building which the city owns and which is located in her neighborhood which she professes to love so dearly.

Please note all records are available at Baker City Hall.

Kenneth R. Fabre

City Attorney


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