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Progress on City-Parish Drainage Improvement Programs

Baton Rouge, La. – The Department of Public Works announced Wednesday progress on two ongoing drainage improvement programs in East Baton Rouge Parish: the Total Spray Program and the Strategic Canal Cleaning Program.

Total Spray Program

In May 2020, the Department of Maintenance finalized contracts to begin the Total Spray Program, which will use selective herbicide to reduce vegetation in 277 miles of canals across the parish. City-Parish owned canals will be sprayed three times per year, totaling 831 miles of canal maintenance annually, weather permitting.

“In East Baton Rouge Parish, we know we have to consider water management in everything we do. Our homes, our families, and our community depend on it,” said Mayor Broome. “The program will address 1,690 acres of City-Parish canals, so we can improve drainage and protect our community.”

The Total Spray Program includes 778 canal segments, which are separated into three major divisions – North, East, and South. The first round of spraying started on June 9, 2020. As of now, 182 canal segments have received their initial treatment. The goal is to complete the first round of spraying around Labor Day, weather permitting.

Track the Total Spray Program here.

Strategic Canal Cleaning Program

In addition to the Total Spray Program, the Department of Public Works is currently carrying out the Strategic Canal Cleaning Program. The City-Parish has identified critical canals across East Baton Rouge Parish, and is in the process of removing vegetation and sediment from these drainage ways.

Removing sediment and unnecessary vegetation will improve water flow and drainage capacity throughout the parish.

The Strategic Canal Cleaning Program includes the following drainage ways:

  • Industriplex (Claycut Bayou) 

  • Glenn Oaks (Roberts Canal)

  • Badley Road (Monte Sano Bayou)

  • Howell Park (Hurricane Creek)

  • Catalina (Engineer Depot Canal)

  • Florida Blvd. @ Sam Drive (Jones Creek)

  • Camelot & Percival (Jones Creek)

  • Balis Drive (Dawson Creek)

  • Burbank & Lee (Bayou Fountain)

  • Bluebonnet & Jefferson (Claycut Bayou)

  • Tiger Bend & Timberridge (Jacks Bayou)

The Strategic Canal Cleaning Program is projected to last through the end of the year, weather permitting.

“The Department of Public Works is working to address drainage as quickly and as effectively as possible. Our goal is to address the problems that are facing the parish today, and create solutions that will improve our drainage infrastructure in the long run,” said Kelvin Hill, Assistant Chief Administrative Officer and Director of Public Works.

Major Drainage Capital Projects

Along with these two maintenance initiatives, there are also several capital projects underway to improve drainage in East Baton Rouge Parish, including: The Stormwater Master Plan, The Comite River Diversion Canal, and The East Baton Rouge Flood Risk Reduction Project (5 Tributaries Project). These major projects will be in the works for the next few years, and will greatly reduce potential flood risk for many residents and businesses.

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