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Please Don't Turn our Community Into a Community Center

Doris T. Alexander, Councilwoman District 4

The Buffwood community donated property in our subdivision that included a pool and a clubhouse to the city of Baker during the Harold Rideau administration. As one of the oldest subdivision in the city and home to a sizable population of retired people and citizens who have for decades enjoyed the peace and solitude of our quiet subdivision, it is distressing to learn that Mayor Darnel Waites is planning to turn this property into a community center without considering how it will affect the people who live here and donated the property. By using public money, the mayor is creating a location for anybody to use the property at any time and practice for any purpose. There are more than a few residents here who are concerned by the inevitable increase in traffic, loud noise, possible alcohol and drug use and other activities that are not in character with the lives of many of the elderly residents here. It is highly possible, if not probable, that this decision will expose us to unplanned dangers and compromise our personal safety. I humbly submit that to subject our quiet neighborhood to such a radical change in atmosphere, purpose and character is not just a bad idea; it is foolish, disrespectful, and dangerous. Perhaps as an outsider who recently moved into the community. Mayor Waites does not understand how this is received in Buffwood. I would hope it is a lack of understanding and not simply a callous disregard for the community’s feelings, wishes and safety. To move ahead with these kinds of plans with absolutely no public comment or opportunity for the people who live in Buffwood and who made the donation to express themselves and their opposition, and fail to offer us, at minimum, the courtesy of having our voices heard demonstrates, in my opinion, an arrogant lack of respect by a public servant. Buffwood, and Baker, deserve more from those it elects to make decisions affecting our lives.

Doris T. Alexander 

Councilwoman District 4

225 778-014 or 1225-326-9706

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