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Over $400,000,000 is Projected Spend During Shop Black Week 2020 with Black Businesses

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

November 12, 2020, Dallas, TX - As Black Friday approaches early projections indicate that over $400,000,000 will be spent during “Shop Black Week” (SBW) 2020. The campaign was created to encourage Black Americans to spend money with Black Owned Businesses. The idea is that the Black Community would not shop with mainstream retail outlets or “Black Out” on Black Friday. With the success of the campaign last year, early interest from supporters, copycat initiatives, and the SBW website’s daily organic traffic, SBW Organizers predict that millions will participate and double spending this year.

Visitors of the SBW website will find thousands of visitors looking for Black-owned businesses, products and services. Due to previous year success we are looking for new and additional businesses to register on the SBW website and take advantage of this opportunity for new business, sales and leads, says Carla Tillman, PhD, SBW’s National Director.

This year #ShopBlackWeek has over 200 participating organizations that represent over 1.5 million members, subscribers, and followers who will share and hashtag #shopblackweek to encourage all Americans to participate. “We simply ask that every American make at least one purchase from a Black-owned business from November 20-27th as well as throughout the holiday season, states Tillman.

SBW Organizers believe that the 2020 SBW campaign will be bigger and better than ever due to the high profile events of 2020 that greatly highlighted the existing disparities and injustices in the Black community. Hashtags and social media postings have dominated online platforms in support of Black lives, and equity from healthcare to access to basic needs and everything in between. Of the inequalities affected most is the access to capital for small businesses, especially during this recent pandemic, has been particularly devastating for Black business owners as this was of great concern prior to the pandemic bailout.

Numerous news reports have led to protests, viral videos and cultural conversations more than ever before and have had an impact on most Americans who are now more aware of how far we have not come in American as it pertains to systemic racism. Due to the access to information, many high- profile celebrities, athletes, and influencers see a tremendous personal responsibility to do something to shift the narrative. The SBW Organizers believe the heightened awareness of the campaign is slated to be well received and gain massive support and partnership.

The SWB team has created an outreach strategy to include radio, print and television advertising in over 10 markets, and on over 20 premium networks such as CNN, ESPN, BET, OWN, VH1 and MTV. We will not only air these commercials, but we will ensure that the commercials are streamed and promoted online for complete saturation, indicates Stan Matthews of The Matthews Broadcast. Many businesses will be featured on the All Black Home Shopping Experience episodes which will be aired live on the UTS-TV broadcast network, says Sharon S. Gordon, founder of Urban Trendsetters, but many other streaming and online platforms will be showing the program as well.

SBW Organizers welcome all types of Black-owned businesses who would be able to keep 100% of the proceeds from their products and services. All interested businesses are required to register and become qualified and listed on the SBW Directory at

Participants that join SBW movement by making a purchase from a Black-owned business listed on the SBW Directory during Shop Black Week November 20-27th are asked to share and post their purchases and hashtag #shopblackweek to share their support of Black owned businesses during the holiday season and include the business names, location, date and photos of purchases.

For more information about the Shop Black Week Movement visit

For Media Inquiries and interviews Contact, Latoya Meshell, (833) 991-0911 or

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