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Our Mayors and our Mothers

For Such A time as this…God Bless our Female Mayors; our mothers of this COVID-19 world

By Mydra L. Kelly

Today is Mother's Day. Probably the next most sacred holiday after Christmas and Easter as it should be because mothers carry the weight of the world. A mother is fiercer than any superhero, villain, or other human force to be reckoned with. She is strong, yet gentle, loving and kind, but if you tick her off, or mess with her babies; she will tear your head off. Though fathers are known to be the leaders and protectors; everyone knows that mom is the one holding it all together.

Today, we are amid trying times. Scary, painful, terrible times and nobody understands this like a mother. I believe that mothers are the female extension of God. They embody his touch, his grace and compassion, his love and kindness, his wisdom, his heart and when necessary his wrath. In these times that we are living in today, I do not think that it is coincidental that there is a sister circle of women mayors leading in our country and acting as the mothers of our nation. While the men are concerned about the economy and the land, they are concerned about our children and the millions of people dying daily. They are trying to make sure that the homeless have shelter and the dead are buried with dignity. They know that our babies need to be schooled and fed and that our seniors need to be treated with the respect and honor that they deserve.

These women will shut it down, called it off, and canceled it all for the sake of life because that is what mama does. She is not self-seeking or selfish. She understands that when one part of the body is aching there is hurt everywhere. She is sensitive as well as sensible, and she does not care who she must bite sometimes to see to it that things are done right. However, often, she does it with a smile. She is not only concerned about her children because everybody's children are hers. She looks beyond race, religion, gender, socio-economic status and sexual orientation; all she sees are God's children. This is what these brave and beautiful women that we have elected to the office of Mayor have done in this pandemic. They have stood firm, taken hits, and not bowed for the sake of our nation and our people.

In 2020 there are eight black female mayors who are carrying us in the bosoms of their hearts and in the pit of their belly's. They are I believe crying and praying for us all and going out there every day in a world that makes it sometimes hard for them to have a voice. Nonetheless, they are getting to the front and making sure that their voices are being heard. Because of their courage we are all being seen and considered. We salute these strong and dedicated sisters who are currently carrying us all. (Keisha Lance Bottoms, Atlanta, GA; Muriel Bowser, Washington, DC; London Breed, San Francisco, CA; Aja Brown, Compton, CA, Sharon Weston Broome, Baton Rouge, LA; LaToya Cantrell, New Orleans, LA; Lori Lightfoot, Chicago, IL; Vi Alexander Lyles, Charlotte, NC) Happy Mother day and may you continue to be the heart of God and the mother of our people for such a time as this.

You may contact Mydra L. Kelly via email at; on LinkedIn or on her Blog Mydra’s Musings on, or leave a voice message at (225) 267-7877

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