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Nicholson Drive Poised to Transform Baton Rouge into Entertainment Hub

BATON ROUGE — In a bid to elevate Baton Rouge into a bustling entertainment hub, plans are underway to revamp a section of Nicholson Drive extending from LSU to downtown.

According to Baton Rouge Area Foundation President Chris Meyer, community leaders collaborated on a joint music entertainment study last year. The goal was to harness the potential of various local assets, including LSU with its proposed arena, the River Center, the downtown area, and Memorial Stadium, all linked by Nicholson Drive.

"We see these opportunities to connect all these different projects which really can be transformative for the community. Let's connect them purposefully. Let's make sure they're complementary and they tie together so that we elevate the quality of life for all of our residents and attract visitors to Baton Rouge," Meyer stated.

Commercial Properties Realty Trust recently acquired approximately 40 acres of dilapidated land along Nicholson Drive, signaling intentions to reinvigorate the area. As Meyer expressed, this stretch of road serves as the "front door of Baton Rouge," potentially welcoming visitors attending games, concerts, or conventions.

Pending the results of an ongoing study expected to conclude this spring, significant changes may be on the horizon for Nicholson Drive.

"Hopefully, you're not driving from LSU to downtown. Hopefully, there's an opportunity to walk or to take a new streetcar line. To enjoy and stop along the way at new cafes, new food courts, new business opportunities that would be spurring there," Meyer added.

While a project price estimate remains elusive until the study's completion, BRAF emphasizes that the initiative will involve a public-private partnership.

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