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New Music Alert! Jason McGee & The Choir Drop New Single, “Never Let Me Go” [VIDEO]

If you’ve been to their shows, you may already be familiar with Jason McGee and the Choir’s song, “Never Let Me Go.” If not, you’re going to learn today; it’s a catchy tune you can’t help but move to.

It’s “a love song to God that speaks to the magnitude of [God’s] love for us and our desire to be held by Him forever,” McGee says.

As a part of Warryn Campbell’s My Block music label, Jason McGee and the Choir are set to be featured on the label’s compilation album, Warryn Campbell Presents My Block Inc. (due September 27), along with Erica Campbell, Mary Mary, Lena Byrd Miles, MC Lyte, JoiStaRR, The Walls Group and more.

Years ago, Jason McGee worked in mainstream entertainment as a gospel singer before he started working as an entertainer in the gospel industry. In fact, his first professional gig was with Kanye West.

“To juggle the two is actually easy because I’m always going to be me,” he says. “I’m not going to change my message or change who I am and I feel like God is trusting me in those arenas because I’m always going to just be Jason.”

For more context on Jason’s reach: Half of his choir sings in Kanye West’s Sunday Service. At first, he wasn’t with it, but then something clicked.

“A light is not seen in light, but if you take a light into what people assume to be darkness, that’s when you see a light,” he explained upon being asked about sharing his choir. “My choir’s ministry lays dormant if they can’t take it to a place that actually needs it, so I think it’s great that they’re rocking with Kanye right now. And he’s putting a lot of money in their pockets. And if [people] want to call it wicked, the Bible says ‘the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the just,’ so my thing is, ‘go get paid! Y’all will be alright,” he joked.

Take a listen to “Never Let Me Go” up top and learn more about who Jason McGee is below.

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