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New Louisiana laws take effect in 2023

BATON ROUGE, La. - People in Louisiana can expect several new laws to take effect with the start of 2023.

Act 440 requires age verifications in order for the public to view pornographic materials online. The new law will apply to websites containing at least 33.3% of pornographic materials. According to officials, the responsibility will fall on websites to verify a person’s age. Many websites will collaborate with the LA Wallet app to ensure they follow the new law. Click here for more on Act 440.

Act 458 requires one or two-family homes sold or leased after Jan. 1 to have a working carbon monoxide detector. The device can be in combination with a smoke detector. Click here for more on Act 458 and the new requirements for homes.

Act 513 has to do with victims of sexual assault and requires that the victims be provided with details about emergency contraception. The treating healthcare provider would need to inform the victim of the option to be provided emergency contraception at the hospital or healthcare facility and, upon the completion of a pregnancy test yielding a negative result, requires the emergency contraception to be provided upon the victim’s request. Click here for more on Act 513.

Act 701 deals with people who haven’t paid their individual income taxes. According to officials, those individuals may have their driver’s licenses suspended or not renewed.

Act 724 deals with the amount insurance companies must pay for a person’s insulin. Click here for more details.

In total, lawmakers in Louisiana passed more than 700 bills during the 2022 Regular Legislative Session. Click here for the complete list of bills signed by Governor John Bel Edwards.

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