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New Leadership in Louisiana GOP

Cory Dennis
Cory Dennis

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - The Republican Party of Louisiana has announced the appointment of Cory Dennis as its new executive director, a move unveiled by Chairman Derek Babcock on Tuesday, April 23.

Cory Dennis, an alumnus of the prestigious U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, brings a wealth of diverse experience to his new role. Notably, Dennis has previously served in a pivotal capacity within the Louisiana Attorney General’s Office. Additionally, he garnered significant recognition for his instrumental role as campaign manager during Jeff Landry’s gubernatorial campaign.

Chairman Derek Babcock expressed unwavering confidence in Dennis, emphasizing his pivotal role in spearheading the party's strategic initiatives. Babcock underscored Dennis's capability to assemble and lead a dynamic team, setting the stage for the Republican Party's pursuit of historic victories in the coming years. "Cory Dennis will play an essential and influential role in this critical endeavor," Babcock asserted.

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