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Mayor Waites Announces #BetterBaker Initiative

Mayor Darnell Waites

BAKER, La, — Mayor Darnell Waites announces his initiative for a #BetterBaker, #KeepBakerBeautiful. This effort is aimed to improve property values in the City of Baker with the assistance of Baker Code Enforcement officers, who will be proactively observing properties to aid the Mayor's initiative efforts. We anticipate positive results for our community with this initiative which is strategically focused on three initial areas:

Baker Code Enforcement officers, upon observation of any violation, shall issue a notice which will be provided to property owners informing them of the need to remove or abate the nuisance. Failure to remove or abate the nuisance may result in fees or costs as specified in Baker City Ordinances.

Thank you to all of the people who help every day to Keep Baker Beautiful, creating a #BetterBaker for everyone!

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