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Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park Set for Major Renovations in Baker

BAKER, La. — Reconstruction of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park kicked off today, bringing exciting new features to the beloved community space next to the Baker Municipal Center. The highlight of the renovations is a 35-inch SkyRun Zip Track with a Zero-G Seat, designed to make playtime more fun and inclusive.

The SkyRun Zip Track offers an exhilarating flying-like experience for children, regardless of their abilities. The Zero-G seat provides extra physical support, ensuring that every child can join in the fun.

Much of the playground equipment had been damaged by previous storms and hurricanes, sparking the need for these upgrades. Mayor Darnell Waites is thrilled to see the park getting a much-needed makeover.

"The completion of these renovations will create a much more comfortable and safe environment for our children," said Mayor Waites. "We are thrilled to see this vision come to life in the coming weeks. This park will not only be a place of fun and recreation but also a symbol of our community's resilience and commitment to inclusivity."

The city expects the revitalized park to become a central hub for community activities, reflecting Baker's dedication to its residents and their well-being.

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