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Louisiana State Workers Secure Paid Parental Leave as Governor Edwards' Legacy Measure

In a landmark decision, Governor John Bel Edwards introduced paid parental

leave, marking a significant shift in support for Louisiana's workforce

BATON ROUGE, La. - In a significant move before he departed from the state capitol, Governor John Bel Edwards has ushered in transformative changes benefiting thousands of Louisiana state workers. The implementation of paid parental leave solidified through an executive order and a newly established civil service rule, aims to provide critical support to employees venturing into parenthood.

"This paid parental leave is going to allow state employees to bond with the new child without the financial stress of sacrificing income, savings, or paid sick days," highlighted Governor John Bel Edwards, emphasizing the positive impact on the workforce's well-being.

Effective January 1st of the upcoming year, approximately 70,000 classified and unclassified workers, encompassing birth parents, adoptive parents, and foster parents of all genders, will be eligible for the full benefits of this initiative. Governor Edwards underlined that this move is a crucial stride toward fostering health equity and dismantling financial barriers encountered by new parents.

To qualify for this support, state workers must meet a minimum tenure requirement of one year, aligning with federal regulations. This step is anticipated to bring about positive changes, not only in the lives of individual employees but also in cultivating a more family-friendly workplace environment across the state.

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