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Louisiana State to Publish 80,567 Names of Potential Unclaimed Property Owners

In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the State Treasurer’s Office has announced that thousands of Louisiana residents with unclaimed funds are set to have their names publicized in newspapers throughout the state.

A comprehensive list comprising 80,567 names will be featured in newspapers from Tuesday, October 3, to Friday, October 6. Interested individuals can peruse the legal notices sections of these publications to ascertain if their name appears.

The publication of names is not limited to a specific parish; it will span across every parish in Louisiana, simplifying the process for individuals to determine if they are entitled to unclaimed property funds.

Residents seeking information on potential unclaimed property can also visit

Unclaimed property, as detailed by the Louisiana State Treasurer’s Office, encompasses overlooked or forgotten assets like bank accounts, stocks, bonds, securities, insurance proceeds, and more. Circumstances such as changes in addresses or other life events may lead individuals to lose track of their assets when businesses attempt to return the property to the rightful owner.

Officials highlight that one in every six Louisiana residents is in possession of unclaimed property, and an astounding sum of over $1 billion remains unclaimed, awaiting rightful claimants.

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